Frequently Asked Questions




  • RUN a Speedtest @ FAST.COM

    You need at the very minimum 10Mbps however We HIGHLY Recommend 15Mbit to 100Mbit these speeds & higher will give you much faster & smoother playback of ALL Content especially 1080p HD Content!


  • YOU NEED A MINIMUM OF 80GB Bandwidth per month However We HIGHLY Recommend getting UNLIMITED Bandwidth!!
    Most major ISP's now provide unlimited service for a small additional fee each month. If the ISP is refusing to upgrade you to unlimited or are charging you exorbitant rates then check out the following independent Canadian Broadband Providers:


    1. The easiest way get the model number (on the front or bottom of the router) & google the model number if the router is 5 years old or over its time for a new router (you can request one from your provider at no cost)  or eBay, Kijiji or at the local computer / electronic store!

    2. We recommend familiarizing yourself with your networking hardware, a $20 - $50 router upgrade can provide you with much faster speeds, much better wireless coverage & additional network security.  All that said you can use an older slower router if you would like, but just know if you are having playback issues, buffering problems or network disconnects then it's time to get yourself a new router!

    3. PLACEMENT of a WIRELESS ROUTER makes a HUGE difference as well. If there is lots of concrete or steel built into the floors & walls or cordless phones throughout the house it can drastically effect WiFi Signal quality/speeds. Newer Dual and even better Quad band routers really improve overall WiFi connections.

    4. But HANDS DOWN the BEST(also the cheapest & quickest solution) is to connect the NINJA Media Streamer to the router with a WIRED Network Cable(Ethernet) You can even use an OLD router, no need to update!!  WIRED Connections provide the fastest most reliable connection to the internet for streaming media.

    5. 99% of our support tickets track back to a SLOW Internet connection, Low-quality Wireless routers or wireless in general.  WIRED Connections are superior especially when streaming massive 1080p & 4K Movies & Shows!!!

    Now That you are a Broadband Provider & Networking Hardware Pro it is time to start enjoying Entertainment on Your Terms!!



(for the most up to date guides/FAQ CLICK HERE)

  1. Connecting to a wifi network. – Click PROGRAMS > Click Android-apps > Click Settings > Select WIFI.. enter the Wifi password & connect! (FOR THE BEST RESULTS PLUG an ETHERNET/NETWORK Cable in and select ETHERNET.) click back until you are at the main media streaming screen, or press the home button on the remote or the ESC button on a wireless keyboard!

  2. The display on my screen is too big or too small. – Click SYSTEM > Click System (again) > Click Video output. > Click Video Calibration and press LEFT/UP/RIGHT/DOWN buttons to adjust the blue bars to fit your TV and then click back.

  3. The NINJA Box is turned on but I can’t see anything on my TV? – Make sure that the HDMI cable is plugged in all the way for both the device and the TV. Make sure the TV is on the correct source for the HDMI input that the Device is plugged into. If that does not work Reboot the Mini-PC and that should solve the issue.

  4. My Ninja EXTREME doesn’t turn on? – Make sure the power plug is pushed into the device all the way and the other end is plugged into a wall unit that has power, try the power button on the remote again. If that does not work unplug the unit and plug it back in.

  5. How to do I hook up my USB wireless keyboard and or mouse to my Ninja box? – Simply plug in the small USB dongle(adapter)  that came with your wireless USB keyboard or mouse (look in the back of the keyboard) into one of the USB ports on the Ninja box. You do not need to reboot the Box; the USB device should begin working once you have plugged it in.

  6. My videos buffer a lot. – BACK TO STEP #1 Check your internet speed with or FAST.COM We recommend a stable internet speed of 10 MBPS or more for the best streaming experience. The faster internet connection you have the faster ALL the TV Show, Live Sports and HD Movies will load. If you have under 10Mbps you should consider upgrading your internet speed. Remember, each of the Add-ons is separately managed by a Third Party that is not affiliated with There will be times when these Add-Ons do not operate as they should and you may experience downtime or slow rates which could cause buffering.  When this does happen, we suggest looking at a new source (billionuploads, icefilms, moveereel etc) or one of the MANY other Add-Ons to quickly correct the problem. Most Add-Ons fix themselves within 1-24 hours, however, sometimes it takes a few days.

  7. My Device is running slow, how can I fix this? – Sometimes the Cache in XBMC/KODi gets full. This can slow the performance of XBMC and cause buffering issues. You can fix this by following the instructions listed below. Click Programs > Program Add-Ons > .Xunity Maintenance (its at the top of the list) > click on Maintenance > select Delete My Cache  - wait for that to finish then Restart XBMC and let it completely boot up(give it about 2 minutes) this should speed solve the problem, repeat these steps if the unit becomes sluggish again in a few months.

  8. I clicked on a stream source to watch a movie or TV show and I got a pop up that says “File not found” “Source is unavailable” – Some stream sources are listed but do not work. This is not typical but it does happen in XBMC/KODi sometimes. Simply try another stream source and most likely it will work. If not simply try stream sources until one works. Please remember, each of the Add-ons is separately managed by a Third Party that is not affiliated with There will be times when these Add-Ons do not operate as they should and you may experience downtime or slow rates which could cause buffering or source not found errors.  When this does happen, we suggest looking at a new source (billionuploads, icefilms, moveereel etc) or one of the MANY other Video Add-Ons to quickly correct the problem. Most Add-Ons fix themselves within 1-24 hours, however, sometimes it takes a few days.

  9. When I try to find a TV Show, HD Movie or live sports stream I get an error that says “Network not available” “Script Error” – While most of the XBMC Add-ons are extremely stable and consistent in delivering streaming media to the NINJA TV Box, sometimes things happen and certain XBMC/KODi add-ons have issues. Sometimes certain add-ons are affected by server issues, internet issues or user overload. This is completely out of our control and we can only fix the add-ons if there is a fix online. If you are getting script error on everything you try then the device may not be connected to the internet, check all the connections. (this is why there are MANY other video Add-Ons to choose from on the NINJA EXTREME, in the event one is being problematic)

  10. Adding Favorites in XBMC (For shows, seasons or movies that you want to be able to access quickly without searching for.)
    Open the Add on you are using to view the media, search for the media, click C on a keyboard or Menu on the controller, highlight “Add to Favourites” > click Left mouse button on keyboard or OK on, controller. (If you add the main folder of a show as a favourite it will bring you back to that folder when you select the favorite later. If you choose a season as a favorite it will bring you back to that season when you click on the favourite later. Please note that some add-ons only save favourite’s in that particular Add on and not on the XBMC homepage.

    Accessing Favorites on the XBMC homepage

    In XBMC you will see a star in the lower left-hand corner of the screen > click on the star.  Your favorite’s will pop up on the right side of the screen > click on the favourite you wish to view

  11. Adjusting Date & Time
    Click PROGRAMS > Android-apps > Settings > Other > More Settings > Click date & time > click automatic date & time, now select your time zone. Your device is set to EASTERN TIME and the clock will set the correct time when connected to the internet.

  12. I’m having a hard time using the default controller that came with my Ninja Box Is there anything else I can use to make navigating the NINJA EXTREME Streaming Box and XBMC easier? – The controller that comes with your Ninja Box from the factory is designed to perform the basic features, but it is not ideal for navigating the operating system or fully utilizing XBMC. We recommend using a USB keyboard with a Touchpad built in. Like a Logitech K400 or an AIRMOUSE / KEYBOARD Combo, Check our products page out for our latest & greatest Keyboard/Mouse combos - Trust us these make a night and day difference when operating these streaming units, especially while searching!!