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WIRELESS SETUP - How to connect to your location's WIFI or Ethernet WIRED Network GUIDE

So you have received your NINJA Media Streaming Device and have it connected to your TV you are FINALLY ready to experience TRUE Entertainment Bliss.....

But wait, how in the heck do I connect this machine to my home or office's existing secure WiFi or ethernet wired network?!?!

(please note that WIRED connection to your router will ALWAYS be the fastest most reliable buffering free connection for streaming HD Content)

This guide will quickly show you how to connect to any WIRELESS & Wired Network:

1.   Power on your Ninja TV Box then scroll to the right with your keyboard or mouse and stop on PROGRAMS
Highlight PROGRAMS

2. Click on the OpenELEC Configuration quick launch icon
Click the quick launch OpenELEC Configuration icon

2. b) or by selecting it from the list
Select OpenELEC Configuration from the list of program addons

3. Select NETWORK (then activate wireless and or wired)
For WIRED NETWORK just plug an Ethernet cable in to your router & then into your NINJA TV BOX (make sure wired is enabled in NETWORK tab)
Select NETWORK and activate wireless and wired

Select CONNECTIONS choose your network and enter any password details

4. b) (choose your local network, click connect & enter your wifi security password)
choose your network and enter any password details

Now you have connected your media machine to your wireless network :)


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