Cutting The Cord USA - CANADA
Published at Jul 26, 2015 | Posted by J Tripwire
Cutting the Cord in Canada and the USA

The time has come to Cut the Cord and say GOODBYE to high Cable & Satellite TV bills

Everyone is getting sick and tired of forking out large lump sums of money each month to their TV Service Provider!  More and more North Americans and people worldwide are CUTTING THE CORD and saying goodbye to their expensive television providers in favor of inexpensive and in most cases FREE online streaming of MOVIES, TV, MUSIC, SPORTS and more!

With the evolution of Internet and online media services such as hulu, netflix and YouTube this has started to noticeably affect the cable & satellite television company subscriber base. For example in November, the Convergence Consulting Group estimated about 400,000 Canadian TV subscribers out of 11.8 million have cut the cord since 2011, which is about 3.5% of the market. 

A recent news article from Canada states: 1 In 4 Canadians No Longer Pay for TV!! Is this one of the first Cord-Cutting Nations?

Stop spending mountains of money on your TV Service and check out one of the Media Streaming Devices You just pay once for the device and NEVER PAY FOR TV AGAIN!!  You can even take your TV Movies and MUSIC ANYWHERE You go (as long as you have a high-speed internet connection)

Make sure you have a fast internet connection & adequate data limit

When you are thinking about cutting your Cable or Satellite TV service, you must realize your monthly internet usage will go up. You will end up streaming videos online instead of watching the classic television via cable or satellite. Therefore, you need a pretty solid Internet connection with high bandwidth (10+ Mbps minimum run a speedtest today) we highly recommend the UNLIMITED DATA plans vs. any plan with limits (or a minimum of 80GB per month will allow you to watch as much HD Content as you desire.) Yes, you may spend a bit more for a limitless plan, but at least you will not have to worry about going over your limit and being charged extra fees.  In this writer's opinion, UNLIMITED DATA IS THE WAY TO GO!

Just contact your current internet provider and they can assist you increasing your speed and monthly data allowance. In most cases, if you tell them your current Wi-Fi router/modem is not cutting it they will send you an upgraded new unit!

Consider Your Current Networking Hardware (routers, modems and wires etc.)

The networking equipment is often overlooked when people decide to make the move towards cutting the cord. Most people – usually the less experienced ones – naturally assume that changing your internet plan is enough.... However NEW network equipment (the LATEST WIFI routers w/ Wireless-AG, new modems etc.) can make all the difference in the world!! Think about your router, for example, how old is it?? Get yourself a more powerful Wi-Fi router and your wireless devices will work in more places in your home and on your property also your media playback will be faster and much more reliable. Also please note: A WIRED CONNECTION IS FAR SUPERIOR TO WIRELESS Yes wires are ugly and get in the way! But when it means smooth playback of 1080P or 4K content vs. unstable choppy playback from a poor wireless connection, there is no question A WIRED ETHERNET CONNECTION IS THE WAY TO GO!

As we mentioned in the above section you can contact your internet provider and you usually can have a new router/modem sent to you. Just tell them your current one needs replacing. Some independent providers charge more for routers and if that is the case you can easily find a good deal on eBay or Amazon.

Get Yourself a Media Streaming Box

Cutting the cord and making the switch can be a bit stressful for complete newbies. Finding the right media streaming device can be difficult, as there are so many choices out there, where do you begin!?! Some things work with Android based systems only, while others are compatible with iOS systems, and then you have the Windows based systems. There are obviously a series of middle ground products at lower price points; however, as the saying goes you get what you pay for. You want a FAST RELIABLE Media Streaming Device that is ready for the FUTURE of HD MEDIA, such as 4K videos and more!

The best devices we have used to date are Linux based and less like to cause any trouble, check them out here

Making the Decision to Cut the Cord

When Cutting the Cord there is a short learning curve. We have had 80-year-olds that have never used a computer before successfully streaming within 5 to 20 minutes; it will take a few days to completely get the hang of this (however this is the same with any new device or service.) We feel that’s a small price to pay for FREE TV / MOVIES FOREVER!

Check out our very handy Knowledge Base full of easy tutorials and helpful guides, with lots of pictures and videos. Also, the NINJA Support team includes an EASY To Follow Detailed Full-Color Manual with every unit they ship out!

In conclusion, you would be foolish to continue spending an outrageous $50 - $200/month for cable or satellite television access (that’s up a $2400 per year savings!!!) an EXTREME NINJA MEDIA DEVICE is your answer! Pay for the device once and never pay an entertainment bill again!!

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