Streaming is LEGAL in both CANADA & USA
Published at Sep 1, 2015 | Posted by J Tripwire
Streaming Is A LEGAL And Much Safer Option Than Torrents Or Downloading Videos

For people who are looking for their dose of entertainment online, streaming - with one of our ninja extreme media streamers - is a much much safer, and far more convenient option then Torrents, and or Popcorn Time, as much as it is widely used for downloading movies and other forms of media, doesn’t come with the realms of law and legal guidelines. Torrent is almost or may we use the liberty to say, just like stealing. This is because you are downloading and using something that you haven’t paid for, in an illegal manner, and without the permission of the owner or distributor. The owners haven’t got their due, and technically you can say that your PC drive contains stolen and illegal material.

However, with streaming, nothing gets downloaded to your PC, and only a portion of it gets stored in the “cache” temporarily to ensure seamless streaming. With streaming, you are never downloading the complete file, and there is nothing stored in your PC after the viewing is over. You are just watching online that others have put online, and practically there is no onus on you legally for the content you have viewed online. The files that you view during streaming are stored in “cyber lockers”, which actually do not stand on a thin line between legal and illegal, and uphold their duty towards legality by pulling down the content, if the copyrights owner request for a takedown of their material.

When you use streaming to view online content, rest assured you are not leaving any web footprint that can trace you back. And, only cyber lockers would have the information of who is viewing the content. The best part is that streaming is available to one and all, irrespective of their demography and location, and is completely legal as well. However, it is important to note that uploading content in cyber locker is illegal. Also, if you choose to download from cyber lockers, which many people do, is also again not completely legal. Even though the dynamics remains the same and only cyber locker would know that you have downloaded, but comparatively streaming is a better, safer and much more legal option. When you download, you are saving the file that does not belong to you, and is used against the wish of the rights holder. So, naturally you are doing the crime, and have the potential evidence right there in your drive in the name of file to show for it. Even though many people continue to download media files illegally from cyber lockers, the legality of it might change in the days to come.

The real sketchiness comes into action with the use of Torrents or apps that are based on Torrents like Popcorn Time. This is because when you are using Torrents to download files for free use, your PC is indirectly and by default used in the process known as reseeding. In this process, once you have the file downloaded to your PC, it acts as a server to help other users download the same file. This way the process of downloading is accelerated for one and all. So, knowingly or unknowingly, you have become a part of the fraternity that steals the video and shares it online illegally without the consent of the owners and rights holders. You not only become the viewer of the file, but also a distributor of the file. The smart Torrenters would actually hide themselves, and may unmask your IP, because your PC is acting as a public server. In an event where the rights holder lodges a complaint, and legal teams are looking for the culprits and the pirates, you can be easily convicted for participating in the distribution. Even when you know well what you have done, the technicalities would be against you, and generally a fine ranging from $300 to $3000 is meted out to convicts. Talk about the free stuff you enjoyed online all this while?

Streaming can only become illegal dangerously when people start charging money from other users to get access to content. It basically amounts to charging money to use or see something that never was theirs in the first place. It is completely illegal and can result in jail time or hefty penalty or both. In the sports world, this happens quite commonly. The copyrights holders actually take the payment processors in the legal loop by subpoena them. It helps in extracting the details of the services builders and users, which leads to uncalled for fine. In true sense, it is also illegal to charge for something that is never yours.

Overall, it can be said that streaming is the best and the safest mode of viewing content online, but if you want to add a more definitive layer of protection then you certainly can use VPN service. It would hide you and your IP won’t be traceable. As online privacy stands on thin ice at the moment, millions of people are using VPN service to mask their online identity and enjoy freedom that the internet is all about.

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