Warranty & Return Policy

  • We offer a 1 Year Warranty on all our products, unless clearly stated otherwise(example sometimes we get the odd container of refurbished Logitech devices, which come with a 90day warranty) contact us for details

  • Our warranty covers normal wear usage, so if your puppy decided to eat your TV Streamer, or your toddler tossed it in the toilet... bad news we cannot cover it :( But if something terrible like that happens we will be sure to get you an excellent discount on replacement parts, because a happy customer = a happy business!! contact us for details

**The customer is responsible for return shipping or drop off of the unit for warranty repair!

  • We offer a 7day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee* if for whatever reason you are unhappy with the device and our team cannot help you resolve the issue , Return the product & you get your money back! contact us for details

*Money Back Guarantee DOES NOT cover initial shipping costs or setup fees (example if you ordered a in home setup, but for whatever reason wanted to return the unit within the 7 days you will be refunded less the setup/delivery fee)

** Also All Packaging must be returned as well, if you no longer have the box it came in, sorry we will not be able to provide a refund. (so be sure to keep your packaging for AT LEAST the first 7 days)